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Good stir. Another wave! Lingyu mixer delivered to old customers in South China in batches

"stirring" well, another wave! Lingyu mixer truck is delivered in batches to old customers in South China

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the spring breeze is full of emotion, blowing poetic and relaxing. In particular, the cluster of red and colorful peonies filled the sky with clouds, fragrant and elegant. On the occasion of the Spring Festival, batches of Lingyu tankers left the peony city and rushed to all parts of the country to join the embrace of customers

Today, 15 Lingyu lightweight mixers were assembled and delivered to Guangdong customers in batches to help the development of local new infrastructure. It is reported that this customer is an old friend of Lingyu. He began to cooperate in 2019. Since then, he has ordered dozens of lightweight mixer trucks, all of which are Lingyu's products. He highly recognizes Lingyu's products and services. Due to the needs of business growth, the customer ordered 25 Lingyu mixers at one time. This delivery is the second batch of them. Therefore, the paper industry will still be a one-year product with challenges and opportunities

good products speak

customers' willingness to re purchase is the best recognition of the product, and also comes from the excellent product strength. With the tightening of national policies and local requirements for environmental protection, it is inevitable to lighten the worktable and compress. Lingyu top loading has a number of technological blessings to ensure better vehicle operation economy:

· 1 ·

the water tank, side protection and wheel housing are made of aluminum alloy, which makes the weight of the vehicle lighter, effectively improves the loading quality and maximizes the transportation benefits of customers

· 2 ·

the tank body and blades are equipped with new special high-tech electronic experimental equipment. There will be other phenomena in use. The strong wear-resistant steel has good wear resistance and long service life

· 3 ·

the internal spiral curve parameters, blade surface and overall dimensions of the tank are comprehensively optimized, with more sufficient mixing, smoother discharge and lower residual rate

· 4 ·

is installed on the traditional three major parts of the hydraulic system, and the hydraulic system specially customized for Lingyu by a well-known company is adopted, which further improves the reliability

· 5 ·

the tank body is sprayed with the world's first nano ceramic pretreatment and the laser scanning electrostatic automatic powder spraying technology, which has a beautiful and generous appearance and is more durable

Dora runs fast and sets sail with light weight

creating greater value for customers is the eternal pursuit of CIMC Lingyu. As a well-known "car expert who can realize industrial economic value at the same time", Lingyu's tank cars continuously meet the actual needs of customers and put the interests of customers at the core on the premise of meeting laws and policies. According to the survey feedback on the Guangdong market, Lingyu mixer is 0.5 more than similar products on the premise of compliance. The customer highly appreciates the lightweight design based on intelligence and safety, and is very satisfied with the performance of the whole vehicle. It is believed that the delivery of these vehicles can quickly generate revenue for customers and help local economic development

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