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The best time to bind books and periodicals

periodical binding is a must for the library every year or every other year, and when is the most appropriate time to bind periodicals? This problem may be ignored by many people who are good consultants and good service providers. Isn't it just when the number of periodicals has reached a certain level and the staff is more convenient? If so, it will bring "sequelae" to the future journal preservation and management. In early years, the library sent a batch of back issues to the binding factory before New Year's day. Due to the delay of the binding factory, the binding was not completed until around the Qingming Festival. At that time, no problem was found. Until the spring and summer of the next year, all these journals were moldy, while other journals in the library were safe. Therefore, they had to wipe the moldy off with a dry cloth every few days, which added great trouble to the management

why does this happen? Is it because of the wet weather when binding? Later, it was confirmed from the bookbinder. Every spring, most areas in China will not cause pH shift during storage. The weather is humid, especially in the south, where it often rains in spring. If binding happens at this time, periodicals will absorb a lot of moisture during transportation and storage (some binding factories have poor conditions). At this time, the book covers used for binding are not very dry. The sampling number is, pieces, This is the main reason for the development and industrialization of graphene materials in the cable field. If the binding factory returns all the periodicals to the library, it will open them immediately and process them until they are completely dry. In this way, the degree of deformation and mildew of the periodicals can be reduced. However, this requires a large space and a long time, and also affects the cleanliness and beauty of the library

in order to better preserve periodicals, it is suggested that managers must arrange the binding time of periodicals, try to avoid the wet rainy season, and bind them in the second half of the year, especially in autumn

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