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There are two ways to distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of the indentation line. First, the width and height error of the indentation groove. Most of the low-quality indentation lines are produced by small factories, which generally do not have a professional laboratory for product development and quality monitoring. Therefore, the products produced are uneven, with poor accuracy and great error. For example, the indentation line of 0.5 x 1.5 mm, according to the strict laboratory test, the indentation I width range of the inferior indentation line is actually 1.6mm~1.8mm, and the measured value is completely outside the range of its standard value of 1.5mm. For high-quality indentation lines of the same model, the width of indentation groove ranges from 1.48mm to 1.53mm, and the error can be controlled within 2%. Another example is the indentation groove height. The measured value of inferior indentation groove height is 0.52mm~0.55mm, and the maximum error reaches 10%. For high-quality products of the same model, the measured value of indentation groove height is between 0.50mm~0.51mm, and the error is completely controlled within 2%. It can be seen that the indentation groove error of inferior indentation line is very large, which is easy to produce a series of quality problems

II. Material differences

in addition to poor accuracy and large error, inferior products are also important in many places. 1 Mobile control: the upper and lower height can be automatically controlled by the computer, which leads to the decline of product quality. In order to occupy the market share, while the low-quality indentation line resources are recycled, manufacturers often use the method of cutting corners to reduce product costs, so that their products can enter the market at a relatively low price. For example, the width of the bottom mold of the indentation line, taking the indentation line of 0.5 x 1.5 mm as an example, the width of the bottom mold of inferior products is generally only 1.82mm, while that of high-quality products is 2.5mm. A wider bottom mold width means a larger contact area, which is conducive to the bottom mold being more firmly pasted on the die-cutting base plate

another example is the adhesive tape used to protect the bottom mold. The width of the adhesive tape used for inferior products is even narrower than that of the bottom mold. As a result, part of the bottom mold has lost the protection of the protective adhesive before use, and it is easy to lose its viscosity during use. When the die-cutting machine runs at high speed, the bottom die is easy to fall out, resulting in damage to the die-cutting machine. It will cause losses such as shutdown and machine maintenance, and it will be more convenient to process. The protective tape for the bottom mold of the high-quality indentation line can completely wrap the bottom mold, so that the whole bottom mold has strong viscosity when used, effectively avoiding the damage to the machine caused by the drop of the indentation line and the increase of 4 cents/pound in the US PE contract price in February, and also improving the precision of die cutting

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