On January 30, the hottest month, Shanghai Jiaoton

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On January 30, Shanghai Jiao closed down 580 yuan

on January 20, the main contract ru1205 of Shanghai Jiao continued to rise sharply unilaterally, and ended up 995 yuan to 27940 yuan. In early trading on the 30th, the contract price fell by 580 yuan to 27360 yuan. It also has a certain self-healing ability

Tokyo glue rose and fell. The main contract rose by 322.3 yen on the 26th, then fell back, and ran to around 311.3 yen, down 3.2 yen from the closing price of 314.5 yen on the 20th. Singapore rubber market No.3 rubber main contract closed up 27, but we are in the process of designing experiments 4 cents at the same time, it also has ductility and strength and toughness to 404 cents/kg

the price of glue in international production areas rose sharply. From before to after the festival, Thai No. 3 glue rose from cents to 408 cents/kg, and No. 20 glue rose from cents to 398 cents/kg; Indonesian glue 20 rose from cents to 382 cents/kg, and Malaysian glue 20 rose from cents to 386 cents/kg

the average listing price of domestic Haikou trading hall was 27800 yuan, and the listing volume was 63 tons, but there was no transaction; The average price of hanging orders in Kunming trading hall was 27300 yuan, and the volume of hanging orders was 120 tons. There was no transaction. On the 29th, the average transaction price was 27300 yuan, and the volume of transaction was 120 tons

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