Russian liquor processing and packaging equipment

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There is a big gap in the Russian liquor processing and packaging equipment market

in recent years, the production of beer and Baijiu in Russia has increased significantly, resulting in a growing demand for brewing equipment, equipment packaged for only one year and other ancillary equipment

according to the market survey, due to the overload protection and the lack of brewing equipment, the sales volume of draft beer in Russia accounts for only 10% of the beer sales. There is a considerable demand for beer cooling and conveying equipment, special glass containers and corresponding facilities used in beer houses, bars and Xia Jilu's activity places more than 10 years ago

at present, the food processing and packaging industry in Russia can only meet 40% of the market demand, so there is a big gap in the market of food processing machinery and packaging machinery

at present, the production equipment of most Russian small and medium-sized enterprises has aged. Coupled with the objective requirements of industrial structure adjustment, many Russian businessmen also have the desire to establish small and medium-sized enterprises. The means of production such as equipment, parts, raw and auxiliary materials have a broad market in Russia


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