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Hitachi: green environmental protection and it infrastructure layout China

Hitachi's "green" strategic layout

"green" infiltrates Hitachi Group's business strategy. The executive chairman and President of Hitachi Group headquarters, Kawamura, put forward the strategy of "social innovation". Hitachi Group is one of the few multinational companies in the world with strong strength in the fields of "social infrastructure" and "it infrastructure". The "social innovation undertaking" makes use of Hitachi Group's core competitiveness to integrate social infrastructure industry with it and upgrade traditional industries in the fields of information and communication system, power system, environment/industry/transportation system and social/urban system. Hitachi Group hopes to achieve sustainable social development through "social innovation". Energy conservation and environmental protection will be the theme of "social innovation"

as Hitachi's largest overseas market, China's energy conservation and environmental protection has also become the focus of 133 public zigzag load pre crack stress corrosion testing machines, which mainly study the characteristics of stress sensitive materials in the marine corrosive environment. On April 1st, 2006, the "China energy conservation and environmental protection promotion project team" was established. Under the promotion of the project team, Koizumi, the foreign cooperation coordinator of small and medium-sized enterprises of the national development and Reform Commission of China, used three new media centers to conclude a memorandum of understanding with Hitachi on "promoting cooperation in all fields of energy conservation and environmental protection" in january2007, and jointly held three "Hitachi energy conservation and environmental protection technology exchange meetings" with the themes of "energy conservation of motor systems", "water treatment and solutions" and "green city". Since then, with the support of the national development and Reform Commission and through cooperation with local governments, Hitachi has achieved good results in the early stages of the Yunnan energy conservation and emission reduction demonstration project for large enterprises and the Ningbo energy conservation and emission reduction demonstration project for small and medium-sized enterprises, which have been highly praised by all parties. Therefore, in 2009, the Yunnan project will continue to purchase 100 Hitachi high-voltage converters. In June, the Ningbo project signed a letter of intent with 31 local small and medium-sized enterprises in Ningbo on the implementation of energy-saving diagnosis projects

strategic focus, unlimited business opportunities

with the government's policy of controlling the response and stimulating domestic demand, large-scale infrastructure construction and energy construction in the central and western regions are in full swing. Hitachi Group focuses on the huge market scale and good development prospects in the central and western regions of China. In order to expand the influence of corporate brands in Wuhan and the central region, in December last year, Hitachi Group held a "Hitachi Exhibition 2008" in Wuhan with the theme of energy conservation and environmental protection, which comprehensively displayed the technologies and products in the nine business areas of Hitachi Group, and won high praise from the local government and partners. Through this "Hitachi Exhibition 2008", the central region will further understand the comprehensive strength of Hitachi Group and its contribution to the economic development of Wuhan and the central region. Some of the following schemes are energy-saving measures used in the development and development of experimental machines. Hitachi will also give full play to its own advantages and contribute to the economic development of Wuhan and the central region

in order to ensure the smooth development of the group's business, Hitachi has held regular exchange activities with the Wuhan municipal government and the Hubei provincial government to understand the needs of the government and enterprises and take them as the standard for formulating business strategies. Hitachi Group also actively develops B2B business and uses advanced IT technology to bring high profits to local enterprises. At the same time, keeping in mind the corporate society, Hitachi Group has carried out a series of CSR activities in line with local actual needs

in order to enhance Hitachi's brand influence in the central and western regions, further develop new customers and deepen cooperation with old customers, Hitachi plans to set up an office in Wuhan this year. In the future, Hitachi Group will take the office as the guide and strive to develop business clusters in Wuhan and other central regions. Local leading enterprises provide products and technical support, and integrate advanced technology and high-quality environmental protection standards into various industries. In the future, Hitachi Group will give full play to its own advantages and continue to make contributions to the development of Wuhan and the central and western regions

on August 31, Hitachi Group's new corporate image strategy conference site

after the outbreak of the global financial crisis, China has become a happy land. Like many world-famous enterprises, Hitachi is also looking for business opportunities and new ideals in this vast land

this search continues. In 2006, the central government promulgated the strategy of "revitalizing the central region", which aims to enable the six central provinces with a population of nearly 400million to tap the huge potential in industry, transportation, information and communication, environment and other aspects, and build new markets. In this context, Hitachi Group is determined to invest in this new market and carry out its business

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