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XCMG detonated the world Intelligent Manufacturing Conference with a number of "black technologies"

XCMG detonated the world Intelligent Manufacturing Conference with a number of "black technologies"

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2016 world intelligent manufacturing exhibition is scheduled to be held at Nanjing International Expo Center from December 6 to 8, with the theme of "making manufacturing smarter", The invited guests and exhibitors are mainly from internationally renowned research institutions, the world's top 500 and leading enterprises in the field of intelligent manufacturing. They will release the world's cutting-edge technologies and the latest products of intelligent manufacturing. XCMG group will bring a series of "black technologies" such as the first industrial IOT big data platform, a new generation of MES products and PI terminals to attract strong attention, giving the highest interpretation of the upcoming industrial 4.0 era

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XCMG detonated the world Intelligent Manufacturing Conference with a number of "black technologies"

"as the leader of China's construction machinery industry, XCMG focuses on the goal and pursuit of 'leading technology and indestructible use', and uses the concept of 'interconnection +' to create an integrated information solution. Various core application platforms and information technologies penetrate the whole value chain of enterprise research, production, supply, marketing and service products, and realize the full life cycle management of products."—— Wang Min, chairman of XCMG group

in this exhibition, XCMG's booth is located at 40 of hall 5, which fully demonstrates the new breakthrough of XCMG's R & D mode and highlights the innovation of XCMG information in the field of intelligent manufacturing

the first fully automatic unmanned welding line in China

XCMG information makes full efforts in intelligent manufacturing at full speed, and is at the forefront of the industry. Focusing on IOT and intelligent manufacturing, it actively explored core technologies and solutions in related fields, created the first industrial IOT big data platform in China, realized the research and development and application of new generation MES products and PI intelligent terminals, and improved the intelligent level of products and significantly improved the digital control ability of products by vigorously developing embedded, core communication technology and control technology, It enhances the core competitiveness of XCMG products in the world

only lever type fixtures of robots are "visible". What is more powerful in intelligent manufacturing is the systematic software, hardware and platform support behind them. This is the industrial property big data platform displayed by XCMG group and the "black box" installed on every machine sold and distributed everywhere

intelligent XCMG

XCMG locates the development goal, integrates modern technology, takes modern sensing technology, network technology, automation technology, artificial intelligence technology and other advanced technologies as the foundation, and realizes the intellectualization of design process, manufacturing process and manufacturing equipment through intelligent sensing, human-computer interaction, decision-making and execution technology, which is the deep integration and integration of information technology, intelligent technology and equipment manufacturing technology. Next, we will bring you XCMG smart blockbuster! (this article is from XCMG)

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