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[XCMG craftsman] XCMG "Walker" adhering to the equator edge

[XCMG craftsman] XCMG "Walker" adhering to the equator edge

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6 years, 7 countries, 1432 days

in 2015, 1 case died of other reasons. Zhu Xiaoxiao joined XCMG's overseas post market and measured the "the Belt and Road" with his feet, from Qatar, Ethiopia, Djibouti, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo, We always adhere to the service concept of "meeting customer needs and pursuing customer touch", and stick to the edge of the equator

In 2018, Zhu Xiaoxiao was stationed in Qatar to be responsible for product operation training and maintenance services, and to train service personnel for local dealers

the summer in Qatar lasts for 7 months, which is hot and dry, with an average temperature of more than 50 ℃. On board air conditioning is a necessity for outdoor work. In an exchange with the robot operator, Zhu Xiaoxiao learned that the cooling effect of air conditioners in some vehicles decreased

taking advantage of the rest time of the machine operator's shift, Zhu Xiaoxiao climbed onto the loader with "foreign apprentice" and carefully tested and checked. It was found that due to the long service life of the product and the operation time of the air conditioner more than 20 hours a day, the internal seals of the compressor were aging and the refrigeration effect was significantly reduced

when the problem was found, Zhu Xiaoxiao and his "foreign apprentice" quickly replaced the pipeline and refilled the refrigerant. Since the refrigerant filling equipment cannot be powered on outdoors, it can only be operated "manually". After several demonstrations, the "foreign apprentice" is still not sure. Either the air is not discharged completely due to insufficient filling, or the refrigerant has to be discharged again due to excessive filling, resulting in waste

the extreme heat and sandstorm made Zhu Xiaoxiao lose patience gradually, and returned to the camp. Zhu Xiaoxiao said "I am hungry" to the "foreign apprentice" with an iron face. Just after saying that, he realized that he had called "angry" as "hungry". Before he could explain, the "foreign apprentice" had run out of the camp and brought back a piece of bread in a far away town

from then on, Zhu Xiaoxiao secretly decided to patiently teach the "foreign apprentice" the knowledge and skills of maintenance, and the "foreign apprentice" seemed to be enlightened, and soon he could be alone

and storm grab time

one day in August 2019, Djibouti experienced a sudden rainstorm, which lasted for several hours without weakening. The construction of the "Ethiopia Djibouti" cross-border water supply project jointly promoted by China, Ethiopia and Djibouti had to be suspended, while a XCMG loader that was withdrawing from the river stalled after being soaked, and the situation was very critical

Zhu Xiaoxiao, who is serving in the Ethiopian project department, received a repair request and eagerly purchased a ticket to Djibouti. With the help of the project party, we drove another three hours to the construction site. At this time, the sky was as gray as lead

"I'll check it first. It may not be as complicated as I thought." Zhu Xiaoxiao's persistence dispelled the concerns of the personnel of the project department and sent a staff member to assist. When you come to the river, the rain and silt are above your knees, and you need to spend a lot of physical energy every step you take. Zhu Xiaoxiao bit the flashlight, checked each interface of the main circuit one by one, and finally found the crux

"I can't wait. I have to grab the equipment." Due to being trapped in mud, the car body has tilted. If you wait, there will be a risk of rollover. Zhu Xiaoxiao immediately contacted the local dealer and rushed the high-pressure oil pump to the construction site

due to working in the rain for a long time, Zhu Xiaoxiao's lips turned purple, his hands and feet swelled, and he couldn't stop shaking. Zhu Xiaoxiao gritted his teeth and quickly replaced the high-pressure oil pump. When the roar of the equipment came from the river, the crowd waiting anxiously in front of the project department cheered excitedly

refining the steel army in three months

Ethiopia is an important country along the "the Belt and Road". In order to further implement the main strategy of internationalization, explore the local market and enhance brand competitiveness, XCMG has built a KD factory in Ethiopia

the first batch of 30 XC fork loaders arrived in Ethiopia as scheduled. As one of the project members, Zhu Xiaoxiao was responsible for product assembly and commissioning. In the face of equipment and production, due to the high carbon content of 42CrMoA or B7 adopted by cold heading hexagon bolts, the line is not installed in place in the range of 0.38-0.45, and the lack of driving and tooling, everyone is full of doubts. In the direction of new functions and intelligent materials, it plans to use high-performance separation membrane technology

this function is also the first time to use it in BMW. "30 sets in 3 months, which is a commitment to customers. No matter how difficult it is, they can't do it. Let's teach." At the on-site meeting of the project team, Zhu Xiaoxiao said seriously. After careful planning and detailed division of labor, the project team divided the local staff into several groups, and selected several practical and capable team leaders to be responsible for different assembly processes

during the day, Zhu Xiaoxiao and the workers fought together to solve the installation difficulties on site. After work, Zhu Xiaoxiao called the group leader to the residence to "open a small stove". After a few days, the local staff knew more and more knowledge, and became more and more motivated. They even voluntarily gave up the fixed afternoon tea time and pestered Zhu Xiaoxiao to teach them practical skills

the training method of "civil and military training" has achieved remarkable results, the assembly efficiency and quality control have been effectively improved, and the team cohesion is also getting higher and higher. Finally, the assembly task of 50 forklift machines has been completed on schedule and delivered to users smoothly

with "one track" tenacity and professionalism, XCMG's overseas elite, represented by Zhu Xiaoxiao, has deeply rooted XCMG's roots and soul in the land of the "the Belt and Road", allowing major countries to compete overseas and polishing the gold lettered signboard of XCMG loaders in the international market

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