The hygiene status of the hottest food is worrying

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The current situation of food hygiene is worrying

the meat sold in a farmer's market in Fangshan, Beijing, has not seen the inspection mark for a year, which makes many people and professionals in Beijing deeply worried. Recently, 11 experts jointly proposed that relevant departments should pay attention to and strengthen the supervision and management of food hygiene. According to the introduction, excessive pigments are added to the surface of refrigerated fish, dried preserved fruits, beverages, ice cream and other frozen foods, candy and children's food, and there are no ingredient descriptions on the outer packaging of food. All these phenomena leave serious hidden dangers for "imported" food, which makes people uneasy. Excessive intake of pigments will cause cancer in human body. No ingredients indicate that people who are allergic to some foods or have special requirements when considering social trends cannot "eat". In view of this situation, Su Changchun, Shen Fuqing, Su Ping and Wang have made plans for the future scientific and technological development priorities of the U.S. air force. For specific details, please consult Jiawang, Luo Guoan, Wu Dazhen, Fang Shaoming, Tan Zhenqiang, Liu Shiwan, Wei Yixin, Wang bangkang and other 11 experts and celebrities suggested that publicity should be carried out through a variety of means to raise the awareness of the masses, so as to consciously resist violations of laws and regulations; Strengthen supervision and management, follow-up inspection, and punish those who sell unqualified and unmarked food according to law. Food ingredient labeling should not be sloppy and vague. It will be a revolutionary responsibility of the printing industry to take responsibility for public health, so that everyone can rest assured. (from Xinhua News Agency)

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