The hygiene of the most popular disposable plastic

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Hygiene of disposable plastic packaging products (middle)

2) ingredients shall be prepared according to the process requirements, and the proportion and material of the formula shall not be changed at will. Pay attention to control the return proportion and use times, otherwise it is easy to decompose

3) when changing the formula of different materials and colors, the machine should be cleaned and the washing materials should be properly handled to prevent cross contamination of materials

4) replace the damaged thermocouple and cooling blower

· processing hot formed products

1) keep the bottom of the feeding rack of the molding machine clean. The piston moves to the right under the push of hydraulic oil

2) the roll and surface through which the sheet passes should be clean and free of burrs

3) add proper oil to the chain of the feeding chain rail

analysis and Description: too much oil will leave oil stains on the leftover materials and pollute them. We will unswervingly build domestic and international famous alloy production enterprises

4) the lower heating box shall not retain coke row slag and dust

analysis and Description: This is to prevent the sheet with static electricity from adsorbing dirt during traveling

5) clean up the crusher

6) when the sheet is moving in the heating box, be careful not to fall off and catch fire

analysis and Description: due to the lack of glue on the surface of the sheet, uneven thickness, or the sudden jamming of the machine, or power failure, the sheet fell into the heating box and caught fire and smoke, polluting the indoor air, which is harmful to people and products. Especially for PS sheets, black smoke contains black dust, which is one of the important reasons for black spots. The coke left in the heating box will be adsorbed by the sheet and pollute the finished product

methods and measures:

a. configure automatic monitor. When the sheet is overheated and sagging and does not fall into the heating box, the heating box will immediately disengage from the chain rail. This function has existed in imported equipment, and domestic equipment has not yet been interconnected

b. improve the sheet machine and sheet production technology, and increase the sheet quality monitoring. Precision control plays a great role in extruding stable sheets. Only with stable formula, temperature and speed can there be stable sheets and stable thermoformed products

7) the Blister products to be punched shall not be vacuumed due to exposure, but shall be placed on the warehouse board and protected with dust-proof bags

8) leftover materials should be put into a sealed dust-proof box 10 cm away from the ground, and the elongation at break of ordinary polymer materials is mostly between 50% and 100%, which should be labeled as qualified, and then sent to the crushing room

9) products contaminated by oil and dust that fall on the ground cannot be crushed

10) the air and spray water used for cooling should be clean and sanitary

analysis and Description: if the water does not meet the sanitary requirements, the product may be contaminated by bacteria, or dirt may block the nozzle, affecting the cooling effect. When the blower is used for air cooling, the air inlet must be equipped with a filter device

11) waste products should be packed in clean and dedicated turnover boxes (bags), but they should not be made of paper or wood. Commonly used large woven bags, large plastic turnover boxes, iron boxes to prevent paper and wood from falling debris and polluting materials. Common faults 5: the passive needle can't stop at any position

12) the thermoformed products that will not be printed for the time being shall be packed in cartons (including plastic lined bags), neatly stacked on the warehouse board, labeled and placed at the designated position

4. Printing

1) clean the equipment:

a. clean the parts polluted by ink (such as printing mandrel, conveyor belt, conveyor steel wire) with solvent

b. there is no dirt in the cup conveying channel

c.remove the scorched plastic residue in the UV drying channel

2) the exhaust gas extracted from the UV drying channel should be discharged outdoors

3) the corona surface treatment device and UV drying lamp of the printing machine should work normally. (to be continued)

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