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The recognition method of Yunnan Public chemical industry park can meet the standard only if it meets 14 conditions

the recognition method of Yunnan Public chemical industry park can meet the standard only if it meets 14 conditions

October 11, 2018

A few days ago, Yunnan Provincial Commission of industry and information technology publicly solicited opinions and suggestions from all walks of life on the management method of recognition of Yunnan Chemical Industry Park (publicity draft). The measures clearly stipulates that a chemical park should meet 14 conditions, including a contiguous area of more than 2 square kilometers in the built-up area, or a planned contiguous area of more than 3 square kilometers and a built-up area of more than 1 square kilometers; The safe disposal rate of hazardous waste reaches 100%

the measures put forward that the identification of chemical industrial parks is the responsibility of the competent department of provincial industrial parks, and the identified chemical industrial parks do not set grades or establish other management institutions, which are subordinate to the management grades and levels of the industrial parks where they are located. If the recognized Chemical Industry Park meets the recognition standards and requirements of provincial industrial parks, it can be operated and managed with reference to the provincial chemical industry park management measures

according to the measures, the identification of the chemical industry park needs to meet 14 conditions. In addition to the above, it also includes no illegal land use, high efficiency of land conservation and intensive use, over the years, the land supply rate has reached more than 60%, and the idle land area does not exceed 10%; No disguised real estate development projects; It has been supplied to promote the development of civil aircraft materials industry; 2. Guided by airworthiness requirements, the land investment intensity should reach 1million yuan/mu, and the average tax per mu should reach 100000 yuan except for the above-mentioned manufacturers; It is far away from the main urban area and urban built-up area of the city, and is not in the upwind direction of the dominant wind direction of the main urban area; A leading chemical industry with prominent professional characteristics should be formed, and the main business income accounts for more than 80% of the total main business income of the park (area)

the measures clearly stipulates that those identified as chemical parks should give priority to undertaking the "relocation" of chemical enterprises and comprehensive management enterprises of hazardous chemical safety associated with the leading chemical industry across regions, and encourage the new (expanded) construction of chemical industry projects associated with the leading chemical industry. After 2020, other industrial parks that have not been identified as chemical parks are forbidden to build any new (modified or expanded) chemical projects, and the original chemical projects (enterprises) must be closed, exited or relocated into the chemical park. By the end of 2025, chemical production devices and storage facilities that are not within the scope of 133 Building Adhesives in the chemical park must be relocated to the park or shut down. Why can electronic universal testing machines be used to test all materials? Many people don't understand exit; If it really needs to be retained, the local government or the park management committee authorized by the government shall carry out construction and management in accordance with the norms and standards of the chemical industry park

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