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Hz308z cutting drill successfully trial produced

Guide: after the successful research and development of 6m3 marine grab excavator and qh3000 machine hydraulic integrated dynamic compactor by Hangzhou hangzhong Construction Machinery Co., Ltd., another new product hz308z cutting die closed cutting drill fully invested in research and development by excavator Research Institute has been trial produced. Hz308z hydraulic cutting drill adopts a reasonable hope to help users make better use of product design schemes and select foreign

after the successful research and development of 6m3 marine grab excavator and qh3000 hydraulic integrated compactor, which is especially suitable for high temperature resistant parts, Hangzhou hangzhong Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. has completed the trial production of another new product hz308z cutting drill, which is fully invested by the excavator Research Institute. Hz308z hydraulic cutting drill adopts reasonable design scheme and foreign advanced technology, which makes the performance level and reliability of the whole machine significantly improved in domestic similar products. Its compact structure can meet a variety of drilling requirements, and has the advantages of wide operation range, low energy consumption, high drilling efficiency, comfortable operation, light and flexible, and low use cost

after investigation and marketing in June, hz308z cutting drill and hz308 excavator were approved in July, and the assembly was completed on October 25 according to the original plan. In order to achieve this goal, all the staff of the excavator Research Institute are racing against the clock to install and debug every day

On November 5, hz308z cutting rig drove out of the factory gate under the operation of the staff and arrived at the Hangcha construction site for commissioning construction. The successful drilling of hz308z shows the success of the research and development. At present, there are still some small problems that can be debugged later

the project we launched is to stand at the forefront of the market, seize the opportunity of the market, meet the needs of the market, and is more practical and highly operational. This product is mainly used in the field of engineering blasting. As long as there is blasting construction, we need to recommend it. China has a wide area and infrastructure construction is at its peak

the hz308z hydraulic cutting drill produced by our company is developed on the basis of the existing mature excavator technology, with fast hole forming speed, large cutting force and high work efficiency. It can realize the function of excavator by replacing the operating device, and is widely applicable to municipal construction, mines, tunnels, water conservancy dams, metallurgical mining, ports and wharves, coal mines and other operations. Through joint development with Zhejiang University, intelligent switching is realized in the electrical system to achieve the effect of "one machine for two purposes"

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