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Color separation and recycling: the electrolyte management of glass bottles focuses on solving five major problems. Want to recycling method

color separation - recycled glass bottles need to be color separated before they can be used as the feed of general glass kilns. When consumers recycle waste glass bottles, color separation will be much easier than the operation at the back end. Otherwise, it is necessary to carry out waste free color separation manually at the resource recycling site or recycler of the cleaning team. The more complete the color separation, the higher the price sold to the treatment plant. Why color separation

this is because the glass bottles recycled in China are often incomplete in classification and color separation, often mixed with many impurities and poor cleanliness. In this case, if we want to improve the utilization rate of secondary materials, it will significantly affect the product quality

therefore, if we can set different color separation recycling cylinders at the front end of glass bottle recycling as in foreign countries, and consumers can really remove the residues and impurities and clean them first, especially if there are impurities such as ceramic debris that cannot be removed by the processing equipment, which makes the processing process labor-intensive, increases the processing cost, and is difficult to remove completely

in view of the difficulty of manual color separation of glass bottles - the doubt that the glass is heavy and has cuts, color separation recycling cans are planned and manufactured, which are widely located in public places. At that time, the rate charged to the industry was only 3 cents per kilogram, which was borne by the glass container manufacturer and the glass container user respectively. Now, the glass container user pays the rate of more than one piece

advanced countries such as Europe, America and Japan have long had the conditions to strictly restrict the use of heavily polluted and non renewable packaging materials. At present, there are too many types of packaging materials in China, and there are many businesses of degradable express bags, making it difficult to achieve the so-called economic scale in recycling and treatment. Therefore, it is suggested that administrative measures should be increased to encourage materials that are easy to be recycled, so as to gradually reduce the use of packaging materials

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